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Die Sparkasse Bremen AG

Die Sparkasse Bremen AG



Die Sparkasse Bremen AG is a savings bank. The organization and business of the company. are governed by its statutes. The company's debts are guaranteed by the municipality of Bremen, which in turn has some influence on the business activities of the company. The main activities of the company. and similar banks are to engage in the savings business and the issuing of local loans. The company is furthermore engaged in regular banking activities (with the exclusion of risk business) and electronic money transfers. The loans given are not to exceed a preset limit. The company is not only regulated by the banking commission, but also by a special savings bank supervision, set up by the city of Cologne. The company is a member of a group of similar banks, which are located throughout Germany. The company's guarantor is the City of Bremen. The company's business activities comprise: management of savings deposits, securities brokering, term deposit management, mortgages, consumer, investment and small business loans, commercial leasing, municipal loans, foreign currency exchange and business, foreign commercial business, travelers checks, precious metal and coin sales, and electronic banking. Die Sparkasse Bremen AG is based in Bremen, Germany.

Corporate Address

Am Brill 1-3 Bremen, 28195 Germany


49 421 1790


Bank Securities, Investment Loans, Banking and Investment Management Services, Personal Loans, Loan Management

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