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American food and beverage conglomerate, Mondelez International looking to sell French coffee brand Carte Noire, to address antitrust concerns

American confectionary, food and beverage conglomerate, Mondelez International Inc is in discussion with multiple parties for sale of Carte Noire, the French coffee brand. The move is to address European antitrust concerns as it closed a deal with D.E Master Blenders (DEMB) to make the world’s largest standalone coffee company. In May the European Commission approved the Jacobs Douwe Egberts joint venture on the clause that Mondelez will sell its Carte Noire business and DEMB will sell its Merrild business across the European Economic Area. Lavazza, the Italian coffee company which had exclusive rights to Carte Noire agreed last month to buy DEMB’s Merrild instead. Lavazza could drop the 1 billion euros valued Carte Noire, according to sources close to the matter.


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