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Cypress Semiconductor Corp and Dialog Semiconductor vying to acquire Atmel Corp, as M&A gains speed in the semiconductor business

American semiconductor design and manufacturing company Cypress Semiconductor Corp is trying to acquire Atmel Corp, the American chipmaker that was to sell itself to Dialog Semiconductor Plc. Cypress’ effort to disrupt Atmel and Dialog’s deal shows the frenzy of mergers and acquisitions sweeping through the semiconductor industry, as it tries to rise to the demand for cheaper chips and clients looking to lessen the number of suppliers. According to sources, Cypress is trying to make a higher bid of Dialog’s cash and stock deal worth $4.6 billion. A merger with Atmel would be game changing for Cypress, which has a market capitalization of just $2.9 billion. Anglo-German firm Dialog that is heavily connected with Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co for its sales has been vying to acquire Atmel so as to diversify its client base in automotive markets, network-connected chips used in industrial gear, also known as the Internet of Things.


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