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German solar operator, Chorus Clean Energy to launch its IPO, irrespective of Greece crisis; expects $111 million from the listing

  • Region:

    Greece, Germany, Frankfurt

  • Sector:


  • Deal Size:

    $111 million

  • Buy Side Company:

  • Sell Side Company:

    Chorus Clean Energy
  • Target Company:

Independent operator of solar and wind parks as well as full service provider of investments in renewable energies, Chorus Clean Energy will be going ahead with a stock market listing, which it delayed due to volatile markets caused by Greece’s debt crisis. The German company extended its offer period in the hope that markets will stabilise by then. Chorus expects around 100 million euros ($111 million) from the share sale. According to company representatives, Chorus’s business model of electricity generation and asset management is a stable and predictable option over solar module makers or project developers.


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