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Indonesia Astratel to invest $147 million in infrastructure projects

  • Region:


  • Sector:


  • Deal Size:

    $147 million

  • Buy Side Company:

    PT Astratel Nusantara
  • Sell Side Company:

  • Target Company:

Indonesia investment company and infrastructure developer PT Astratel Nusantara, will be investing $147 million in infrastructure projects this year. Most of the fund will used to develop toll road projects in Java Island. Astratel now has five toll road unit – PT Marga Mandalasakti (in which it owns 79.3 per cent stake), PT Marga Harjaya Infrastrutur (100 per cent), PT Marga Trans Nusantra (40 per cent), PT Trans Marga Jateng (25 per cent) and PT Trans Bumi Serbaraja (25 per cent). A unit of publicly listed PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) is also eyeing new infrastructure businesses such as airport, port, industrial estate and toll road, said the president director.


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