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Israel-based Vayyar Imaging raises $22 million Series B funds

  • Region:

    Las Vegas, San Francisco, United States of America, Israel

  • Sector:

  • Deal Size:

    $22 m,$22 million,$34M

  • Buy Side Company:

    Battery Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Israel Cleantech Ventures, Walden Riverwood, Amiti Capital
  • Sell Side Company:

    Vayyar Imaging Ltd.
  • Target Company:

Israel-based 3D-imaging sensor company Vayyar Imaging has raised $22 million in Series B funding led by Walden Riverwood. The round also had participation from other investors that included Battery Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Israel Cleantech Ventures and Amiti Ventures. Vayyar has raised a total of $34 million to date. The company was founded in December 2011 by chairman and CEO Raviv Melamed, VP R&D Miri Ratner and CTO Naftali Chayat. Designed to see through materials, objects and liquids, Vayyar's exclusive sensors see through known barriers to deliver an unprecedented imaging experience.


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