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Japan's Mitsubishi, Chubu Elec completes $4.5 billion purchase of Eneco

  • Region:

    Netherlands, Japan

  • Sector:


  • Deal Size:

    $4.5 billion

  • Buy Side Company:

    Chubu Electric Power, Mitsubishi Corp
  • Sell Side Company:

  • Target Company:

Japanese trading house Mitsubishi Corp and Chubu Electric Power said on Wednesday that they have completed a $4.5 billion acquisition of Dutch energy firm Eneco on March 24. In November, the Japanese companies were selected as the preferred buyers in a bid for the Dutch company. Eneco was owned by 44 Dutch municipalities and had a focus on renewable energy. By taking advantage of Eneco’s technological expertise and experience in renewable energies, Mitsubishi plans to accelerate its renewable developments in Europe and elsewhere, while Chubu aims to create synergies in its energy operations both in Japan and around the world, they said in a statement.