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ObjectWay acquires Algorfin

  • Region:


  • Sector:

    Software & Services, Banks

  • Deal Size:

  • Buy Side Company:

    ObjectWay S.p.A.
  • Sell Side Company:

    Unione Fiduciaria S.p.A
  • Target Company:


ObjectWay S.p.A. has acquired Algorfin, PE Hub reported. Financial terms of the transaction were not announced. The seller is Italian financial services provider Unione Fiduciaria S.p.A. Based in Milan, Italy, ObjectWay is a provider of financial software and digital solutions for banking, securities, and insurance industries. Algorfin, the software and service division of Unione Fiduciaria, is a provider of IT and administrative outsourcing services for asset management companies, custodian banks and other financial operators.


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