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Ratos to acquire Norwegian store chain Plantasjen from Apax Partners

Ratos has agreed to acquire Plantasjen, a Norway-based plants and gardening accessories store chain from Apax Partners. The value of the deal is about $358 million. Plantasjen is the Nordic region’s leading chain for sales of plants and gardening accessories, with a total of 124 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and a primary focus on the consumer segment. The market for plants and gardening accessories is supported by stable growth and underlying positive trends in the form of increased interest in cultivation, plants and interior design. Since its founding in 1986 in Norway, Plantasjen has developed its operations, strengthened its brand and established itself broadly in the Nordic region, and it now holds a leading position in the market. Plantasjen has about 1,200 employees and generated sales of approximately NOK 3.7 billion in the last twelve months leading up to June 2016, with operating profit (EBITDA) of approximately NOK 370m.


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