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The semiconductor business sees another merger as chipmaker Dialog Semiconductor is set to buy Atmel for $4.6 billion

Dialog Semiconductor, the chipmaker will buy American peer Atmel for $4.6 billion. The Anglo-German company that is looking to expand its industrial product portfolio is heavily exposed to Apple and Samsung. The deal will diversify its client base in automotive markets as well as network-connected chips used in industrial gear, which is also called the ‘Internet of Things’. San Jose-based Atmel that manufactures small processors called microcontrollers are used in a varied electronics and other hardware in this connected device area. Dialog had been looking to expand its industrial offerings since its talks broke off last year to merge with Austria's AMS AG which made sensors. Atmel also manufactures touch-screen and encryption technology, besides microcontrollers that attracted Dialog. This year has raked in close to $80 billion in semiconductor M&A. It has been the biggest year for chip deals since 2000, according to market analysts.


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