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Aurigin is the world’s first deal origination platform to use a complex algorithmic approach to match middle-market corporates seeking capital with the most relevant providers of capital anywhere in the world. Private equity funds and investment banks looking to invest in or lend to companies can access qualified deals from firms looking to raise capital or seeking investors in their business.
Aurigin connects specific opportunities with precision, efficiency and intelligence, enabling buyers and sellers to reach far beyond the traditional boundaries of sectors, geographies and personal networks. Corporates looking to make acquisitions can use Aurigin to connect with matching companies or advisors that are seeking financial sponsors or strategic buyers.
Real Estate Investors and acquirers looking for multi-family, office, retail, hospitality, industrial or other assets can use Aurigin to access deals matching their criteria. Owners and developers of residential, office, retail, hotels and other real estate assets looking to raise capital or sell assets can access sources of funds that are looking to invest in or acquire their project.
Aurigin helps members locate potential investments and new clients using powerful, custom built algorithms and a global network of professionals, to match requirements entered by our members. Banks and financial institutions providing funds for project execution can use Aurigin to connect with companies that are looking for sources to raise capital and execute projects.
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Featured Deals

Credible deals from credible firms. Take advantage of a rapidly growing repository of
transactions, firms and people.

  • Western EU fund looking for companies in Healthcare, Energy & Services
    user photo
    BB0064079 (提供者)
    United Kingdom
    能源, 商业与专业服务, 耐用消费品与服饰, 消费服务, 食品、饮料与烟草, 家庭与个人用品, 医疗保健设备与服务
    US$1M - 100M
    Seeking to take a majority stake in U$10M+ revenue companies across sectors such as healthcare, energy, consumer, and business...
  • Indonesian Wood Flooring Company with $18M/$1M rev/EBITDA.
    user photo
    BB0065137 (并购卖家)
    US$ 18M
    US$ 1M
    The company is established in 2005 to redefine quality, innovation, and sustainability standards in Indonesia's woodworking in...
  • MENA-focused fund seeking opportunities in Food, FMCG & Logistics
    user photo
    BB0063779 (提供者)
    Saudi Arabia
    材料, 资本货物, 运输, 消费服务, 食品与主要用品零售, 食品、饮料与烟草, 家庭与个人用品
    US$5M - 150M
    looking for companies in Food retail, FMCG, schools, manufacturing, Industrial, Agri-tech. Facility management, catering, logi...
  • German Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Provider looking to raise USD15M.
    user photo
    BB0067143 (寻求者)
    资本货物, 汽车与零部件
    US$ 15M
    The company is a private tech company in the electric vehicle infrastructure space, offering energy storage, smart EV charging...
  • India-based Acquirer looking for service-based opportunities across globe
    user photo
    BB0014315 (并购收购人)
    能源, 资本货物, 商业与专业服务, 耐用消费品与服饰, 消费服务, 传媒, 零售, 食品与主要用品零售, 家庭与...+9
    • 家庭与个人用品
    • 医疗保健设备与服务
    • 银行
    • 多元化金融
    • 保险
    • 软件与服务
    • 半导体产品与设备
    • 电信服务
    • 公用事业
    US$5M - 100M
    Investor is sector agnostic in approach but seeking service-based or asset-light companies. Open for distressed as well.
  • USA-based Environmental Services Contractor with $29M/$5M rev/EBITDA.
    user photo
    BB0014128 (并购卖家)
    United States of America
    US$ 29M
    US$ 5M
    The company is a large, non-union contracting company specializing in environmental remediation, demolition, decommissioning, ...
  • US-based PE Fund looking to acquire SaaS, Software and IT Businesses
    user photo
    BB0041652 (提供者)
    United States of America
    US$2M - 50M
    Seeking all kinds of software companies such as Internet Software & Services, IT Services, Outsourced Service, etc. Open for d...
  • Indian solar module manufacturer with USD253M revenue, seeking USD150M.
    user photo
    BB001743 (寻求者)
    US$ 150M
    The company is a solar module manufacturer with an operational capacity of 3.5 GW of installed manufacturing capacity for sola...
  • Distress Focused Family office seeking opportunities across the US
    user photo
    BB0050839 (提供者)
    United States of America
    商业与专业服务, 消费服务, 传媒, 零售, 食品、饮料与烟草, 医疗保健设备与服务, 软件与服务
    US$1M - 20M
    Looking to invest in sectors such as education, business services, consumer services, F&B, and healthcare.
  • US-based Multi-brand Automobile Franchisee Company with $25M revenue.
    user photo
    BB0064242 (并购卖家)
    United States of America
    能源, 运输
    US$ 25M
    US$ 14M
    The rental franchisee is strategically located in a popular destination for tourists and business travelers. It offers a varie...
  • India-based Corporate Acquirer looking for targets in Technology & Services
    user photo
    BB0028838 (并购收购人)
    US$5M - 100M
    Seeking to deepen competency in areas such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, AI,Cloud,etc & open to other vertical/horizontal IT Serv...
  • UK-based Bathroom Products Manufacturer/Distributor with USD105M revenue.
    user photo
    BB0067379 (并购卖家)
    United Kingdom
    US$ 105M
    US$ 13M
    The Company is a leading end-to-end bathroom product provider, offering a wide range of ceramic and composite sanitary ware, b...

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  • "Our firm has consistently been receiving quality deals for our Japanese investors from Aurigin. We are quite impressed with how seamless the process is, and are happy with the curated deals we received, as well the timely analyst support. Aurigin has added a lot of value to our deal sourcing process, especially for our cross-border requirements"

    Shunichi Yoshizawa, General Manager
    Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd., Japan
    Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd. is a boutique investment bank that provides cross-border M&A advisory and financial advisory services.
  • "Aurigin is a powerful tool to execute M&A transactions from around the world. The platform offers a secure space to upload and share deals, is easy to use and the Aurigin team is always available to support in searching for relevant targets."

    CMA Abhishek Pradhan, Vice President
    RCS Advisors, India
    M&A advisory firm with 15 years of experience in executing cross-border financial transactions, advising clients across the globe
  • "A great platform helping investment banks to grow their network at a faster pace. Over the course of last few months we have made good business relationships worldwide and we look forward to making many more."

    Goncalo Monteiro, Investment Banking
    Dinosaur Merchant Bank Limited, United Kingdom
    Global investment banking, institutional brokerage and wealth management service provider, with $400 million in assets under management
  • "We have been impressed with Aurigin’s M&A platform. It is easy to navigate, the inbox functions are very user-friendly, fulfilling all potential needs, and the deal room facility is an efficient way of sharing documentation with interested parties."

    Alison Horton, Senior Corporate Finance Analyst
    KBS Corporate, United Kingdom
    KBS Corporate is a part of KBS Global – an alliance network which has 700 M&A advisors across 54 countries, and has facilitated the closing of over 200 transactions
  • "Aurigin has a wide network and good connection with many investors over the world. The online platform is really efficient to scan initial the matching between sell side and buy side without a face-to-face meeting, compared to the traditional process, and is so much faster!"

    Chu Nguyet, Director
    SSI Investment Banking, Vietnam
    Ranked the no.1 brokerage firm in Vietnam, with a market cap in excess of $700 million
  • "The platform is only accessible to members and the deal information is closely monitored, so we feel much more comfortable working with this model. The introductions are also reliable and we have certain investors who have gone far in later stages of transactions"

    Lan Anh Do, Director M&A
    ABB Merchant Banking, Vietnam
    One of the top 3 M&A brokerage firms in Vietnam
  • "Analysts are very proactive in reaching out to us regarding our deals. Their hands-on approach reflects on how much the company values its clients. Aurigin has provided us a unique roster of leads in a short time, as opposed to offline deal sourcing processes."

    Cybill Getgood, Vice President – APAC
    Golden One Ventures, USA
    Boutique M&A and strategic advisory firm headquartered in the US, with offices in India, UAE and the Philippines
  • "We mainly use Aurigin to find international investors for our Spanish sales mandates and so far, we have always had good response and have gotten in touch with at least two potential investors."

    Lluis Lluch Perez, CEO
    Barcelona Business Landing, Spain
    Global investment firm that is focused on sectors such as biotechnology, agri-food, design, renewable energies, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals
  • "Aurigin is a useful source that allows us to significantly expand our investor universe for any sell-side opportunities, complementing traditional investor sourcing processes."

    Kirill Troyanov, Vice President
    Aton Capital Partners, Russia
    27 year old award-winning investment and advisory firm
  • "On Aurigin we have seen an exceptional quality of deal flow with successful introductions and closure. Aurigin's team is also responsive and quick to address our queries."

    Carl Mauger, CFA, M&A Manager- HQ
    Veolia, France
    Fortune 500 company and a global leader in the environmental services industry
  • "Aurigin is a disruptive and efficient online deal matching platform. Unlike traditional face-to-face investment banking businesses, it is so much easier and faster to find preliminary matching deals and connect with buyers worldwide."

    Sarah Li, M&A Director
    Northeast Securities Co., Ltd., China
    Financial advisory services provider with market cap in excess of $2BN
  • "Aurigin is not a bulletin board for deals from anybody or visible to everybody. Propositions on Aurigin are checked, improved, tailored and are precisely targeted. This is Alibaba for international M&A."

    Michel Renirie, Founder
    Renirie Advisory, Netherlands.
    Boutique advisory firm in Netherlands.
  • "The personal touch and customized banking & advisory services have proven added value to our organization. So far, we have been able to connect with potential investors and tens of sellers/fundraisers dependent on our specific mandate"

    Angel Angelov, SVP
    Bridge Venture Partners, Europe.
    Mid-Market focused Investment Bank.
  • "Aurigin is an excellent origination platform that attracts good quality deal flow and their curation quality is very good. I am impressed by the expertise, domain knowledge and consistent support provided by their transaction. I have used it to add to my origination efforts and have had a great experience. Great product, team and service."

    Kevin W. Massengill, MD
    Silver Leaf Partners, LLC, New York.
    Corporate Advisory Firm based out of New York.